Board & Committees

Members of the ACA Board are volunteers from within Arden on the Severn who are elected to their positions. Each of the five sections within Arden are represented by a Section Delegate. Our mission is to build maintain successful business relationships with local jurisdictions (State/County) and their agencies, as well as local organizations in an effort to represent and voice the community's view on specific issues, and to obtain needed services offered to enhance the well-being and safety of our community. All ACA members are eligible (and encouraged) to run for a position on the Board. ACA membership is voluntary and essential to the success of the organization for each and every resident's benefit. Please JOIN our membership below:

Board Members

Kim Franklin, President

Tony Karwoski, Vice President

Carmen Graves, Treasurer

Christine Wojciechowski, Secretary

Jessica Carzon, Section 1 Rep

Susan Fenton, Section 2 Rep

Karen Selckmann, Section 3 Rep

OPEN, Section 4 Rep

Stacy Hommel, Section 5 Rep

Jasmine Wilding, GHCCA ACA Rep


Budget & Finance, Kim Franklin & Carmen Graves

Elections, Jessica Carzon

Parliamentarian, Pete Mule

Building, Art Bardelang

Newsbuoy, Ria Jacob & Lisette Mule

Community Outreach, Jessica Carzon

Development & Zoning, Damon Cogar

Information Technology, Andrew Huppert/Jay Honeycutt

Neighborhood Watch, John Murphy

Greenskeepers, Marni Blachowicz

Entertainment & Special Events, Karen Selckmann

Historic, Rodney Daff

Kids Club, Jessica Singeltary

Kids Club Littles, Kim Brady

Teens Club, Kaelee Cogar/Jocelyn Scilipoti

Seniors Club, Etta Bardelang


Updated: March 17, 2021

The object of this not for profit, non-stock, non-partisan, non-sectarian organization known as Arden Community Association, Inc., shall primarily be to promote the social welfare to benefit the community and to share information of interest to the residents and lot owners of Arden on the Severn.

ACA By-Laws 2021_03_17 Final.pdf


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