Meet Your Community Leaders & Dedicated Volunteers

Get to know your dedicated volunteers


President, Kim Franklin

I am a life-long, 3rd generation Arden resident and a retired Financial Manager from Anne Arundel County Government. After 31 years of service, I have committed my spare time to giving back to my community. Using my skills and knowledge of County operations and services that benefit our community, as well as my experience in budgeting, spending, revenue management, information technology, supervision, office management, program management, and project management, I am always looking for ways to improve the quality of life for all of us in Arden on the Severn. I truly appreciate a good team and forward progress. Your support is absolutely crucial to our team's success and we appreciate all of you! It is my pleasure to serve in this role for Arden residents and homeowners and I look forward to working with such a devoted group of people.

Vice President, Jeff Metzger

Treasurer, Carmen Graves

Secretary, Stacy Henderson

Section 1 Delegate

Jessica Carzon

Section 1 Alternate Delegate

Desmond "Desi" Hannon

I have lived in Arden for over 20 years and grew up in the neighborhood. I used to participate in all the ACA activity’s growing up. I volunteered to be involved in the community and help continue the traditions so my kids and other kids in the community can enjoy them as well.

Section 2 Delegate

Larry Mindel

I reside in section 2 with my wife and children. We have been here since 1998. My wife grew up in Arden.

I have worked in public service since 1989. I was a volunteer firefighter for the first 5 years and have been working in a 911 center since then. I am currently a supervisor in the center I work in. For 11 years I was the centers' union President and was responsible for representing 60 members. I was in close contact to the county executive and other county officials at that time, which I still have a personal and professional relationship with. Let me add this was not AACo.

I am also a member of the Arden neighborhood watch as the section 2 representative. I now serve as section 2 delegate to get more involved with the great community we live in.

Section 2 Alternate Delegate

Clayton Unger

Section 3 Delegate

Karen Selckmann

Section 4 Delegate

Eric McMillan

Section 5 Delegate

Stacy Hommel



Ria Jacob, Manager

Lisette Mule, Editor


Pete Mule

Community Relations

Jessica Carzon

Town Hall Manager

Art Bardelang


Marni Blachowicz

Development & Zoning

Damon Cogar

Neighborhood Watch

John Murphy

Entertainment & Special Events

Karen Selckmann


Rodney Daff


Kids Club, Jessica Singeltary

Kids Club "Littles"

Kim Brady

Teens Club, Kaelee Cogar & Jocelyn Scilipoti

Senior's Club

Etta Bardelang