Development & Zoning

Chaired By: Damon Cogar

The Development and Zoning Committee will function as liaison between our community and local and state jurisdictions to keep abreast of development in the Crownsville vicinity that may or may not affect Arden on the Severn directly.

AACo Public Waterway Access Project/Park at Valentine Creek

AACo has reached out to our community leaders about participating in a Stakeholders Group pertaining to the design/planning of a public waterway access project/park at Valentine Creek Park (1102 Valentine Creek Drive) off Old Herald Harbor Road. Both ABI and ACA will be collectively providing feedback to the County from the community. A kick-off meeting was held virtually on May 10th, 2022. [CLICK HERE] to review the meeting presentation. Once you've reviewed the presentation, please provide your comments through our community survey so that we can provide feedback to the County pertaining to your input. [PROVIDE FEEDBACK HERE]

County Redistricting Proposal

Bill 15-22 AN ORDINANCE concerning Redistricting. Be sure to check out the proposed options and voice your opinion.

Prior Year Budget Placeholder

To Be Updated


Comments on the draft LPPRP have been submitted to the DRP. To obtain a copy of the plan go to Anne Arundel County 2022 Land Preservation, Parks & Recreation Plan - December 2021 (DRAFT FOR REVIEW). The County is currently preparing a placeholder in the upcoming fiscal year budget for this project but the design of this project has yet to be determined. The updated verbiage for that budget placeholder will be available in July. A thorough traffic and environmental study is warranted prior to determining proper use of this park area. The County Executive met with the Millersville and surrounding Community leaders this month (February) via Zoom and ensured us that the County intends to partner with the community in the design of this project to determine a use satisfactory to all parties.

Below you will find a document prepared by Deborah Weller, President Old Millersville Neighborhood Association describing the mission of this effort.

Out with the with the new!

[CLICK HERE] to view the Community Presentation from the Fire Department.

Crownsville Fire Station

A virtual community meeting regarding the Crownsville Fire Station was held on October 27th at 6:30 p.m. During the meeting, details about the current project planning and construction, as well as renditions of the proposed 22,400 square foot structure were shared. Discussion included response times for both Fire and EMS, call volumes, units (equipment) to be assigned to the facility, as well as staffing assignment. The proposed project timeline was also discussed. You can watch the playback of the meeting [HERE]. The passcode to access the playback is: .aHw#Vt4 so be sure to enter it exactly as you see it. Stay tuned for more information as this project progresses.


The Council exists to preserve and protect the Generals Highway Corridor’s rural and residential way of life, the health, safety and wellbeing of its citizens, its historic sites and significance, and the sustainability of its natural environment. ACA assigns a representative to serve as a member in this organization to report important information to the community.

For more information, visit: GHCCA or join them on FaceBook.

Contact our ACA representative, Jasmine Wilding for more information.


  • Petition County for sidewalk from Sections 1, 2, 3, 4 to Section 5, or the construction of a hiker-biker trail to provide a pathway between Sections 2 and 5.

  • Research installation of security camera placement that could capture license plate information coming and leaving the neighborhood.

PLAN 2040

Plan 2040 is the General Development Plan for Anne Arundel County. It sets the policy framework to protect the natural environment, shape development of the built environment, provide public services to promote healthy communities, and support a diverse, resilient economy. Plan 2040 provides a shared, long-range framework for County elected officials, staff, and community members for addressing land use issues. It balances many competing demands on land use by creating consistent development patterns. Plan 2040 was developed through dozens of public forums and is informed by thousands of comments from the community. There are many common concerns throughout the County, including traffic congestion, school capacity, environmental protection, and housing affordability. These issues are complex and broad; addressing them requires the efforts of over 20 County departments, along with State and Federal agencies, non-profit organizations, and the private sector. Plan 2040 includes goals, policies, and strategies to address these issues and manage development and redevelopment. Click on the Useful Link on this page for additional information.


The Development and Zoning Committee is made up of a mix of people who share an interest in the development occurring in and around Arden on the Severn. If you are interested in this topic and in making new friends and forming community bonds, please contact us or feel free to join in a monthly ACA meeting.