Where Does My Donation Go?

Membership Donation: This donation is a general fund for ACA that covers expenses related to our membership drive, regular and special meetings, information technology efforts (website and domain related expenses), and administrative costs related to the operations of the Executive Board and Section Representatives primarily in the area of community outreach.


Town Hall Fund: This fund covers expenses directly related to Town Hall and the parking lot to include utilities (electric and HVAC), building maintenance and repairs, building supplies, parking lot repairs and improvements, and building improvements.


Greenskeeper Fund: This fund covers expenses related to property maintenance to include Town Hall and the community entrance signage area at the corner of Evergreen and Sunrise Beach Road. These expenses include lawn maintenance/mowing, landscaping mulch & plantings, stone, pavers, and signage upkeep/replacement. Signage includes the community identification sign at the corner of Evergreen/Sunrise Beach Road, and the announcement boards located at Evergreen/Sunrise Beach Road as well as the Arden Ball Field near Whitney’s Landing Drive.


Neighborhood Watch Police Patrol Fund: This fund covers neighborhood security efforts to include Anne Arundel County Police Patrol for Arden on the Severn, Sections 1 thru 5, and administrative expenses for the Neighborhood Watch Committee primarily related to visibility and outreach such as magnetic vehicle signs, meeting and printing expenses, and patrol supplies such as flash lights/spot lights, clipboards, etc.


Entertainment & Special Events Fund: This fund covers expenses related to ACA sponsored events designed to bring neighbors together in a fun environment. This would include food and beverage, parades, fundraisers, vendor and flea market events, silent auction events, and special seasonal events coordinated by the committee. Expenses would be related to outreach efforts and would include advertising, signage, prizes and awards, etc. 


The Kids and Teens Clubs are devoted to promoting friendship by bringing our kids together to work on community projects and teaching volunteerism and with planning productive events and activities to get our kids involved in a social environment. Your donation will support both the Kids and the Teens Clubs. Your generosity is greatly appreciated for these worthwhile groups in our great community. Thank You!