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The NewsBuoy Committee is committed to producing a community publication full of community news and events, association news and happenings, relevant community articles, seasonal tips and information, and much more. The Committee consists of a manager, an editor, an advertising specialist, and article contributors. If you are interested in helping to produce this publication every two months (6 times/year), speak up...we want you!

Read All About It!

One of the earliest activities of the Arden Civic Association was the creation and publication of a community newsletter. In 1955, the group created a 3-page bulletin entitled "Sunrise Beach News" that consisted almost entirely of news about the Association meetings and plans, social notes, community new-arrivals , visitors, and so on. In those days, a group of volunteers produced and delivered the paper for free. With the growth of Arden, the NewsBuoy also grew.

Evolved over time, the NewsBuoy was filled with activities, sporting events, Scouting updates, group updates, and eventually articles on topics that affect the community as a whole. For more than 30 years, the NewsBuoy was printed 12 times a year on a monthly schedule. During that time, different individuals volunteered as journalists, an editor, and volunteers who folded, sealed and delivered the newsletter. Unfortunately, two major changes occurred: 1) the community lost a resident who had been donating business time to production, and 2) the community grew to a size that could no longer utilize hand delivery. Those changes gave way to commercial printing and USPS delivery.

Ultimately, an advertising manager was brought on to solicit business ads in an effort to continue to provide the newsletter free to the community. Through dedicated volunteerism, the NewsBuoy settled into a quarterly distribution pattern as the team sought to financially stabilize its existence, along with obtaining content of interest to its readers. 

Through the early 2000's the publication bounced back and became a bi-monthly publication. After a successful resurgence of the newsletter, the Arden Community Association made the mode to publishing a digital copy of the community newsletter. The change allowed a broader connection to other on-line resources, eliminated time and cost, and made the giant leap from black and white printing to color! In 2020, the NewsBuoy celebrated it's first full year of on-line distribution with a new format and brighter, more modern, look.

Would You Like To Contribute?

The NewsBuoy Committee is always looking for residents to assist with its publication. Whether it be through the contribution of an article, your volunteer time, or financially, we appreciate your willingness to get involved! For more information about the NewsBuoy, please email the NewsBuoy using the link below.


If you're interested in advertising your business in the Newsbuoy, you have two options:

1) Complete your contract online by clicking [HERE]

2) Download, print, and mail your contract to: ATTN: NewsBuoy Sponsorship at P.O. Box 241, Crownsville, MD 21032, or drop it off at our Town Hall Dropbox located at 1020 Omar Drive.


*Includes digital advertisement & link to your website on our website under ADVERTISEMENTS.