Kids Club

Chaired By:  Jessica Singeltary with Kim Brady leading our "Arden Littles"

The Arden Kids Club is made up of parents and grandparents, from the neighborhood, who want to get to know one another while providing fun and rewarding opportunities for their children.  The Arden Kids Club is only possible because of the wonderful volunteers that help organize the events.  If you would like to get involved with the Arden Kids Club, it's free... so please feel free to get in touch with us!


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We are always looking for new club members and anyone willing to volunteer and help with coordinating and working these exciting events for our Arden Kids! If you're interested in helping out, please email us [HERE]

Carmen Graves writes: "I want to thank those that help plan events!! But as always, we are looking for some new volunteers to help champion events. I love all the ideas everyone provides and I can help with logistics and budget, but we need champions for those events to make them happen. In fact, if someone is interested in taking over the Kids Club, especially planning events for the younger kids in the neighborhood - mine are getting a little older now - that would be amazing! Want to get involved or want to know what the kids club is doing, please join our Facebook group and/or our Shutterfly account."  SEE ABOVE

How We Began

The Arden Kids Club was the brainchild of resident Jennifer Patterson. In the fall of 2000, Jennifer had only lived in the community for a few months when she decided to organize many of the families in the community. At an ACA meeting, Jennifer offered to start the club, and requested $300.00 from ACA as seed money for the group's activities. In November of 2000, the first organized meeting of the Arden Kids Club was held. In attendance were Jennifer Patterson, Annie Medford, Sharon Knowles, and Debbie Clark. From that initial meeting, the Kids Club was off and running with a mission to provide meaningful and fun activities for children of Arden. 

Although years have passed since that initial meeting, the goal remains the same, to provide fun and memorable activities for the kids of Arden, not to mention a place where parents and kids can meet and build friendships. 

The Arden Kids Club has hosted numerous activities including count down to New Years (at noon of course), Valentine’s Day Parties, 4th of July bike parades, Easter Egg hunts, board game nights, Movie nights at the beach, and much more. 

During the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, members of the community came to the rescue with various ideas that could be done virtually.  We had an extremely successful Zoofari where homeowners placed stuffed animals in their yards and kids went around the neighborhood hunting for the animals.  Over 100 houses participated.  Additionally, the Kids Club hosted virtual holiday crafts, and a virtual Owlsome Owl event where we learned about the owls of Arden and also dissected an owl pellet.  

The Arden Kids Club started a tradition of organizing the Community Yard Sale that takes place annually to help raise money for future events.  In 2020, the Kids Club hosted a Holiday House Decorating Contest to raise funds as well.  It was such a huge success, it will be a new annual tradition. 

Events are advertised on the Arden Kids Club Facebook page, the Arden on the Seven Community Facebook page, the Arden Kids Club Shutterfly page and with signs throughout the neighborhood.   

We hope you can join us for our next event.

Kids Club Music Classes

Free music classes starting August 15th! No need to sign up just drop in any time. Classes will be held on Tuesdays at 5pm at Town Hall and on Sundays at 10am at Arden Park (Ballfield).

Classes are geared for the 0-5 age group, but older siblings are more than welcome. Also, if you don't have any littles anymore, older kids might enjoy the classes too! All kids are different - if you have a big kid who you think would enjoy these classes, PLEASE COME! We would love to have you. My name is Jessica Singeltary and I taught elementary music for years and I always had older students that would ask to play the kinder games in the upper grades  Also, stay tuned because we will be planning more activities soon that will be aimed at older ages as well!)

Annual Fundraiser

Community Yard Sale

The Arden Community Yard Sale is an annual event "fundraiser" hosted by Arden Kids Club. Donations from this event help to fund many Kids and Teens Club events. Check the [HOME] page for event information and details.