About ACA

The Arden Community Association (ACA) is the official not-for-profit 501(c)4 within Arden on the Severn serving as the community's liaison and voice with local, state and federal jurisdictions as well as other local activist groups related to environmental and infrastructure issues affecting our community. The ACA is the trustee of the Arden's community building (Town Hall), responsible for managing operations and maintenance of the building and grounds. The ACA is the community "hub" for various committees and clubs organized for the betterment of Arden. Membership in the ACA is voluntary and resident support is critical for its success. Be sure to JOIN US!

Our Mission

The ACA is devoted to representing each of you and being your voice on a civic level on community issues. We promote teamwork, communication, and transparency as we work to make a positive contribution as the organization representing our community. Our foundation is based around maintaining, enhancing, and protecting the value of our property as well as promoting community comradery. The ACA works in conjunction with Arden Beaches, Inc. (ABI) in the management and operations of Arden's private beach and park properties. We are focused on increasing homeowner participation by creating structure where residents feel valued and a part of the team. Join us in strengthening our community. We can't do any of this without you!

How We Started

Originally established in July 1955 as the community's civic association for Sunrise Beach/Arden on the Severn, ACA continues to serve as the community's official organization representing all residents and serving as your liaison within the community and between the community and your local and state jurisdictions, as well as other neighboring civic organizations sharing similar interests. ACA is the only authorized organization to represent Arden on the Severn on local community boards and meets monthly to determine the focus of community interests, concerns pertaining development and infrastructure affecting the community, as well as organizing official committees for specific purpose and determined projects.


There are three ways that you can make your membership contribution and donation. You can mail a check and membership form to P.O. Box 241, Crownsville, MD 21032, you can drop your membership form and donation off at the Town Hall Dropbox, OR if you can complete your membership form online and make your donation by check or Venmo. 

Our membership goal is ALWAYS 100% and you can certainly help us reach that goal.




...that when you make a donation to the ACA, you become a member for the current calendar year? It's true! ACA membership is voluntary and operates solely through your generous donations. We NEED your donations to accomplish our mission as a civic servant to YOU and your family here in Arden. Your donations enable us to upkeep our community building (Town Hall), and give you the ability to rent the hall for your personal functions. Donations so enable us to hold community events that bring our residents together in comradery, as well as provide AACo police patrols through our Neighborhood Watch Program. 

Donations also help to support our efforts in representing YOU in development and zoning matters surrounding our community, infrastructure needs with the County Road Operations Division, and in environmental and waterway matters affecting our treasured Severn River. Be sure to be part of these important matters and consider volunteering as well! WE NEED YOU in order to SUPPORT YOU!

[CLICK HERE] to join the ACA membership, or if you are already a member and would like to make an additional donation to either our general fund or a specific area of interest to you. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!