Town Hall 

Building Management

Chaired By: Art Bardelang

The Building Committee is devoted to ensuring that the general maintenance and needs of our Town Hall are taken care of. This includes coordinating work for repairs and renovations, as well as scheduling maintenance services for cleaning and HVAC. If you would like to volunteer on this committee and get to know your neighbors with similar interests, we welcome you!


The Building Committee is committed to caring for and improving our Town Hall community building. If you have a specific talent or skill to share or a background that could benefit the cause, [EMAIL] us or join us at a monthly ACA meeting to express your interest in helping out.



**This section is under construction. Please be patient during this process. Thank you!**

Ladies/Mens Bathroom Renovation

Hall Acoustics

Maximize Parking & Limit Thru-Traffic Access

Rain Garden

Create Picnic Area

Refurbish Walkways

Shed Roof Replacement

Shed Shelving

Slop Stabilization

Project Name

Project Name

Project Name


Originally the civic association conducted all its business meetings and social activities in the home of a member. It became evident, as the community continued to grow, that a community building would be needed. Ultimately, the building was constructed in 1966 and has served as a community center ever since. 

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