Meeting Minutes

 & Recorded Playback

The ACA meets on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, except for July, August & December as indicated in the ByLaws. 

Be sure to check out Zoom meeting playbacks where possible if you are unable to attend. We appreciate your patience while we continue to build our archives.

In addition to recording written minutes for ACA monthly meetings, ACA meetings began to be recorded virtually in 2021 during the COVID pandemic. Choose the appropriate link below to view ACA meeting minutes and/or recorded sessions and archives.

Written Meeting Minutes (2024)

To read and/or print ACA meeting minutes, [CLICK HERE]

Recorded Meeting Sessions (2024)

To view recorded ACA meeting sessions, [CLICK HERE]

ARCHIVES (1992 - 2023)

The ACA meeting minutes archives contain records between 1992 and 2022, including those acquired from prior administrations and research. Meeting minutes from the early years of ACA can be found in our NewsBuoy Archives.

[CLICK HERE] to view and print archived meeting minutes.