Neighborhood Watch

Chaired By: John Murphy

The Neighborhood Watch program provides a community network of security through the eyes and ears of its residents, performs volunteer patrols, and supports hired Anne Arundel County Police patrols of our neighborhood streets, and Arden Beaches, Inc. (ABI) beaches and park properties.

Program Admins John Murphy

Kim Franklin

NW Section Reps

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The Neighborhood Watch Committee is a group of devoted volunteers determined to bring the community together to:

These goals are in line with the AACo Police Department's definition of a Watch program: " involves the joint efforts of the Anne Arundel County Police Department and the communities. The program is designed to enhance neighborhood security, heighten the community’s power of observation, and to encourage mutual assistance and concern among neighbors. The Community Crime Watch Program has proven very successful."



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(Arden on the Severn Neighborhood Watch)

This is a private group for Arden residents to share information, incidents and crime reports, and receive important community updates from the NW team. Answer a couple of questions to confirm residency.



Neighborhood Watch efforts have always been important to the ACA and our community. The current Neighborhood Watch program was formed in 2007 with a program manager, assistant manager, and section representatives who met monthly to discuss concerns and coordinate volunteer patrols during determined time periods using magnetic signage to show a presence. This effort successfully opened up lines of communication between sections and with the County police department, and resulted in residents becoming more diligent in seeing and reporting suspicious activity to 911 and the Neighborhood Watch section representative.


Through your generous donations, the committee's goal is to hire a uniformed police officer to provide patrol beyond their normal route, focusing only on the community of Arden on the Severn during periods of time determined by incident activity through coordination efforts between the Neighborhood Watch Committee and the County Police Department. In addition to these official police patrol efforts, Neighborhood Watch volunteers will perform community patrol using Neighborhood Watch magnetic signage markings to show a presence. Please give this devoted group your complete support and assistance to help keep our neighborhood safe and deter criminal activity.


Check out the Neighborhood Watch Facebook group by clicking the link above to join. This group is private and intended only for the use of community members. There are a couple of questions you will answer to request to join the page so that we can verify your residency. Through this group, residents will be kept informed of incidents and provided safety tips as we work together to maintain the safety and of our community and properties.


Being a group that is looking out for not only the safety of our community as a whole, but also for individuals in need of assistance. Offers to assist those in need will be expressed throughout the year from clearing your path during inclement weather if you are unable to do so, to paying extra attention to your property when you are away. Always look for these notifications to see how we can help you.


Keep your cars locked and homes locked when you're not around and lock up and remove the keys to your golf carts/ATV's/Motorcycles and UTV's. Also, watch out for suspicious activity at vacant or for sale homes near or next door to you and keep an eye out for your neighbors when they go away.  Contact your NW Team, or call AACO PD non emergency at 410-222-8610 if you have any questions or concerns.


The Neighborhood Watch Committee is made up of a mix of people who share a desire to keep our community safe by networking together and providing outreach as well as opening up lines of communication. If you are interested in helping out, making new friends, and forming community bonds, please contact us or feel free to join in a monthly ACA meeting.


Arden Neighborhood Watch is here for all of Arden, however; the NW Team is made up of volunteers and is aiming, with your financial donations, to hire an AACo Police Officer for off duty patrols to supplement what we do. Our main focus the streets and residences in all five of our sections, as well as the Arden Park ballfields. NW is NOT associated directly with ABI. ABI SECURITY which is made up of off duty officers and ABI officials are paid to strictly do beach security. Having said that, when there are beach issues, we will be happy to assist ABI as best we can, but we are not the first point of contact for beach issues. If you witness a problem or see an incident taking place at any of Arden Beaches, contact your respective ABI section rep or call 911 if there is an emergency. Again, we will assist but ABI is the primary point of contact in event of an issue at Arden Beaches. If you need guidance on how to reach your Beach section rep, please reach out to us and we can guide you to the proper source. Thank you all for your consistent great work Arden!