Arden Recreation (Sports)

Arden Recreation Association is a non-profit, tax exempt organization established for the purpose of providing a safe, educational, and comprehensive recreation program to ensure that participants have exposure to a wide variety of programs here in Arden on the Severn. They also provide fundraising coordination for the recreation program. Arden Recreation is an individually operated Association and is not directly affiliated with the Arden Community Association. Be sure to visit their website for Board member and contact information, to register to play a sport, and to read the full 30-Year history of the organization.

Arden Recreation

written by Dick Russel

The origin of Arden Recreation goes back to the Arden Civic Association meeting of March 21, 1969. The minutes of that meeting include the following: "Mr. Trask requested information about the possibility of a Little League team for the community. He agreed to serve as chairman of a committee to investigate this idea. He will be assisted by Mr. Dean as co-chairman, and Mr. Russell, Mr. Sparhawk and Mrs. Couch." And so, seeded with $200 from the ACA, Arden Recreation was born from an interest by Don Trask.

The April 1969 issue of the NEWSBUOY announced the planning stages for an Arden sports program and that boys and parents with the desire to participate should contact Dick Russell or Skip Dean. This was the first of many player registrations to follow.

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Recreation Association membership shall be open to all persons interested in furthering recreational programs in the area.  The registration fee will constitute the membership fee and will allow parents or guardians of each registered child membership in the organization for one year.


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