Welcome to our 2021 (Part 1) Gallery of Events. Enjoy the memories we've made together.

2021 Membership Drive

Our membership drive kicked off on my kitchen counter then finished up with the Seniors Club meeting at Town Hall to help to stuff and label envelopes, and apply postage so we could mail them off. Our now Teen Club leader, Kaelee Cogar, was also present to help. Thanks to everyone involved for all your help!

February Mast Repair

In February after some wet, heavy snowfall, we found it necessary to perform some repairs to our Town Hall electric mast pole that runs up the front of the building. The weight of the snow on the lines managed to pull the mast away from the wall. This was a tricky repair as you can imagine, but not only did they repair the mast, they cleaned the gutters out while they were up there.

Thanks to Rodney Daff and Gary Propst for taking charge.

February Snow Removal

With the several snow falls and ice events in the winter of 2021, our friendly Neighborhood Watch team kindly offered to help our seniors and those unable to shovel themselves out. Thank you John and Rebecca Murphy, Kaelee Cogar (Teen Club Lead), and everyone else that helped our neighbors.

It's the little things that make our community as special as it is.

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

What a great day!  A huge thanks to Kim Foster Brady, Jennifer Kemberling, and Jeanine Prendergast Cosh for putting the Easter egg scavenger hunt together on March 27th. It was a beautiful day and fun was had by all. And a little tour of Arden doesn’t hurt either. Thank you all for participating!

Responses from Participants

Shannon & Bobby Evans wrote: "Thank you to everyone who put in the work for the Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt! Our granddaughter LOVED it and had so much fun. And it was nice to see the entire neighborhood since we are still "newbies".

Danna Renee wrote: "Awesome job with the Easter egg scavenger hunt!!  Thank you so much."

Kyle Curran wrote: "Thanks for the fun activity! We enjoyed visiting all the beaches."

Jessica Singeltary wrote: "We had a great time doing the egg hunt! Thank you so much for putting this together!"

Amanda Foreman wrote: "It was perfect! Thanks so much Carmen! We just wrapped up & dropped the eggs back off in your basket. I'm glad you gave the addresses bc ive NEVER been to beach 5, lol! All the years I've lived here."

Veronica McConkey wrote: "Keira says.....Thank you!!!

Happy Easter!

From Arden Kids Club

April Community Clean-Up

Our Arden Community Clean Up event held on 4/16 & 4/17 was a great success with a total of 9 cans being hauled away! A "shout-out" to Art and Etta Bardelang, and Kim Franklin who were critical in organizing this event, and to Karen Selckmann for her assistance with getting volunteers for the event! A special thank you to our devoted volunteers (Joe Skiratko, Jay Honeycutt, Rodney Daff, and Milly Garner) who took time out of their schedules to work for YOU in our community. It was great to see so many friendly faces as we took advantage of this special event. On behalf of Arden on the Severn, we would also like to thank our AACo WMS Community Clean Up drivers, Ronnie Stewart, Mike Novakowski, and Jonathan Rossetti for their efficiency and helpfulness during our event. It's always great to network with our County representatives!

Jonathan Rossetti & Ronnie Stewart

Joe on clean-up using a discarded blower!

Town Hall Spring Clean Up

The Greenskeeper Committee coordinated our spring cleanup event at Town Hall on April 24th. With lots of helping hands, we were able to get our special little community center looking good! Thanks to Dave and Marni Blachowicz, Kim Franklin, Sally Franklin, Rebecca Murphy, Art and Etta Bardelang, Kerry Wixted, Cliff Dennis, Cindy & Jocelyn Scilipoti for lending a hand and getting a bit dirty.

May Movie Night at the Beach

Was held on May 7th by the Kids Club featuring Croods 2! Great crowd for this fun event!

May 14th Senior Lunch

Finally, after a long hiatus due to COVID, we were able to resume in-person luncheons and the first held a Beach 1 was a huge success. The fried chicken was a hit and all the yummy side dishes brought to compliment were fantastic! Back in business.

Town Hall Kitchen Remodel

In February, Tim & Nelly Davis of Section 2 generously donated their 2013 kitchen to ACA for Town Hall. In April and May, our devoted crew of volunteers got together to demo and renovate the kitchen in Town Hall. Many thanks to the Davis', Rodney Daff, Michael Patrick, Ronnie Bridges, Brian Couch, Gary Propst, Bradley Sams, Laurie Kelponis and Atlas Stone, and Richard & Sally Franklin for your dedication to this project. Team work makes a dream work! On May 16th, we were able to reveal our newly remodeled kitchen during our Spring Membership Drive.

See some of this hard work below.

Thank you Tim & Nelly

Spring Membership Drive

May 16th we held a membership drive and revealed our newly remodeled kitchen. Our membership drive was very successful with nearly $1,000 collected in donations. Thank you for your support! We can't do any of this without all of you.

Making Room for Improvement

On May 23rd, our neighbor and friend, Patrick Cobb, offered up his time and equipment to break up the sinking concrete sidewalk in the front lawn of Town Hall from the road to the front entrance walkway. Removing this impervious surface will make room for improvements to the front lawn in an effort to address the ponding water runoff from the roadway. Plans are in design with our Greenskeeper Committee for a rain garden.

And....a huge thanks to Pete Mule for putting in the muscle to remove and relocate the concrete remnants. Rather than hauling the material off-site to the landfill, we chose to re-use the remnants as a base between the building and the shed to help stabilize the "mushy" area between the two structures utilized by many to access the oil tank fill and water connection.

We still have some larger rubble from the job that we plan to use in that same area.

Section 1 Block Party

 On June 5th, neighbors in Section 1 got together to host a block party at Tuefel Park with live music performed by John O'Dell & Windy Ridge. Donations were accepted to cover the cost of the band and activities were held for adults and kiddos alike. We had  pickleball, badminton, volleyball, a piñata, and face painting for the kids. The event was complimented with a Bruster's Ice Cream truck. What a great opportunity to get neighbors together for the first time in a long time since COVID. All of Arden was welcome to attend and it was great to see neighbors from other sections venturing out to visit Tuefel Park.

A special thank you goes out to John & Brenda Vitello, Bradley Sams and the Band, Rodney Daff, and everyone else who helped to make this a successful event.

Residents are hoping to make this an annual event, with tickets sold in advance for a better head-count. Many thanks to everyone who helped make this event a huge success. 

Suggestions are welcome for future events. Email us [HERE].

Want to hear a little bit of the action? [CLICK HERE]

Country Road.mp4

June Seniors Lunch

Held on June 11th, the Senior Club gathered once again with a great turn-out and lots of delicious food and great company!

2021 Graduation Recognition

This year was a bit crazy with things starting to open back up. Our parade was rained out but we did open up Town Hall to those who wanted to stop by. Below are the graduates that provided information to be recognized.

DJ Comer (Section 5)

(5th Grade)

Carson Tolley (Section 4)

(5th Grade)


Erin Hannon (Section 1)

(5th Grade)

Jayden Leonard (Section 2)

(5th Grade)

Owen Slung (Section 5)

(5th Grade)

Paul Hoy (Section 4)

(5th Grade)

Maxine Stanley (Section 2)

(8th Grade)

Julia Poncharik (Section 5)

(12th Grade)

Christian Murphy (Section 1)

(12 Grade)


Chandler Honeycutt (Section 5)

(12 Grade)

Alana Remilard (Section 4)

(12th Grade)

Garrett Garner (Section 1)

(Section 1)

Tabitha Cobb (Section 1)


Brian Kush (Section 2)


Teens Club "Ice Breaker"

Our first meeting of the Arden Teens Club was a great success. With 15 teens joining and several others who expressed interest but could not be there, we're excited to plan some fun things to do and to help Arden be the best ever! We played some Kahoot and got to know each other a bit while we ate pizza and cupcakes. 

We submitted some club ideas and talked about sign-up for volunteer community event help, fundraising, and paid help to our neighbors for various odd jobs, babysitting, pet sitting, lawn care, etc. If you are interested in signing up for any of these opportunities, please [CLICK HERE] and provide your name, contact info, and what you're available to do and we'll hook you up.